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Last Updated: 12 December 2023

Welcome to PPPow, the innovative e-commerce platform that harnesses the power of collective buying. Here's a step-by-step guide on how PPPow works to provide you with great deals and a unique shopping experience.

1. Registration:
Start by creating an account on PPPow. Provide essential information such as your name, address, email address, and preferred payment details.
Registration is free and allows you to access exclusive deals and participate in collective buying.

2. Explore Exclusive Products:
Browse through a curated selection of premium products from various categories, including ready to eat products, building materials, agriculture, frozen meats and frozen seafood.
Discover unique items from top-quality sellers that have partnered with PPPow to showcase their products to a broader audience

3. Join Collective Groups:
Products on PPPow are offered at special prices when a minimum order quantity is reached. Join collective groups to unlock these exclusive deals.
Invite friends, family, or fellow shoppers to join your group, increasing the collective buying power and lowering the cost for everyone.

4. Watch the Deal Progress:
Monitor the progress of the collective group. The deal becomes more attractive as more people join the group.
The minimum order quantity is visible on the product page, and you can track how close the group is to reaching that goal.

5. Confirm Your Order:
Once the minimum order quantity is met, the deal goes live, and all group members get access to the special price.
Confirm your order before the deal ends to secure the discounted price.

6. Enjoy Collective Savings:
Benefit from significant cost savings due to the collective buying power of the group.
PPPow passes on the advantage of bulk purchasing to consumers, allowing everyone in the group to enjoy premium products at lower prices.

7. Payment and Fulfillment:
Complete your payment securely through PPPow's trusted payment gateway Monoova.
PPPow coordinates the fulfillment process, ensuring that all products are delivered to the respective group members.

8. Review and Share:
After receiving your products, share your experience and leave reviews to help other shoppers.
Encourage others to join PPPow and experience the collective buying advantage.

9. Repeat the Process:
Explore new deals regularly and repeat the process to enjoy continuous savings on a variety of premium products.
Be part of the PPPow community and contribute to creating a dynamic and collaborative shopping platform.

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