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At PPPow, we take pride in collaborating with reputable partners to enhance our offerings and provide a diverse range of quality products to our users. Our partners play a crucial role in ensuring that PPPow delivers exceptional value and unique opportunities for collective buying. Here are some of our esteemed partners:


Why you should join us?

Diverse Product Range: Our partners bring a wealth of expertise, allowing PPPow to feature a diverse array of premium products across multiple categories.

Quality Assurance: Collaborating with reputable companies ensures that the products offered on PPPow meet high standards of quality and authenticity.

Efficient Logistics: Logistics partners like Bell Total Logistics contribute to the smooth and reliable delivery of products, enhancing the overall customer experience.


Interested in Becoming a Partner?

If your company shares our vision for collective buying and delivering exceptional value to consumers, we invite you to explore partnership opportunities with PPPow.

Contact us at partnerships@pppow.com.au to discuss how we can collaborate for mutual success.


Thank you to Monoova, Bell Total Logistics, and TMA Group of Companies for being valued partners in the PPPow journey. Together, we aim to redefine the collective buying experience and empower users to save collectively!

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Mens Storm Waterproof Jacket


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